I am originally from the Northeastern part of the United States – that is to say in the New York City Area.  I lived in NYC until 1991, (with a brief stint in South Carolina) and having lived in several parts of the city, decided it was time to leave.  I first went west to Pennsylvania, then to Massachusetts – the western part, and then made the jump to California where I still reside, although not in the same place I first arrived.  I am a mover not a sticker, which is what I call people who stay in one place for 25 or 30 years.  My longest stay in any one place is no more than 5 years.  That is one living abode – not necessarily one town.  Most large cities I’ve lived in, have lots of little neighborhoods, so every time I relocate, it is the same as moving to a new town.  Parts of the address changes, not all.  One move in LA changed only 1/2 of the street name and the zip code.

This blog is about the observations of an inveterate mover.  I rarely stay in one place more than 4-5 years, and that includes moves within that area which can change 3 or more times in a 2 year period.  I have 33 moves under my belt and I am about to move again.  I am relocating out of LA  back to northern California.  I don’t know how long I will stay there. My friends all hope it will be longer than the 5 year average.  We’ll see.

I am an artist, and a designer.  I work with cloth, fiber, photography, paint, pastels, and whatever else I can get my hands on.  I don’t like to repeat things often, so my body of work is quite spread out, as is my location itinerary.  It drove my mother crazy because she refused to erase my old address out of her address book and just kept adding the new address and phone number until there was no more room and she was forced as she told me many times, to get another address book.  This was before computers and she never learned to use one anyway.  She died in 2003 so I no longer have this address weight on my shoulders, among other things.  At one time in New York City I had 7 phone numbers listed under T Lane in the Manhattan Telephone Directory.  No wonder they ran out of 212 area codes.

I have been an interior designer, a horse woman – as an owner, rider, competitor, instructor – vet school aspirant, then an MFA candidate in textiles and fashion,  and all of that infects what I do now.  I know a lot but cannot teach anyone because I have not focused on one thing my entire life.  That is because I am a mover, not a sticker.  These pages are about the life of a mover and what you get to see on the way, what you think you miss, and what other people think you see.  It is all very amusing and I hope you will find it as interesting and amusing as I do.

Beware!  This is for the persistently curious only!





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